Some bizarre technologies used In World War II

As a result of the continuous improvement of science and technology, the whole world was introduced to the various types of seizures of World War II. Different countries have been shown to employ many strange tactics besides weapons, machinery, vehicles. But not all of them are famous or successful in their work. There were also some bizarre devices and technologies that didn’t provide much benefit during the war but caused themselves a headache. Today, there will be a talk of such a bizarre technology used in World War II.

Explosive rats

Explosive Rats

After the fall of France, Winston Churchill vowed he would burn the whole of Europe. To achieve this goal, some British intelligence officials were tasked with producing secret bombs. As a result, all the bombs that James Bond saw were jealous. The bombs looked like soaps, suitcases, shoes, vintage bottles, and even rats.

Some British spies were responsible for setting up these explosives in the midst of the enemy. So what they did in setting up these explosive rats was, first, to disguise the local student. Then they collected hundreds of rats, demonstrating the reason for testing in the laboratory. Later, the rats cut their stomachs and sewed them completely with plastic explosives. Their purpose was to keep these rats near the boiler of all the coal that was in operation at that time. So that they were just thrown into the boiler fire. And throwing will be a huge explosion!

However, the rats could not be used as expected. Because all the schemes are caught before the dead explosive rats are used that way. Because such a box carrying hundreds of explosive rats was captured by the Germans. When they realized that dead rats were explosive in their stomachs, they feared that maybe thousands of such rats had already spread throughout Germany. So they started displaying pictures of rats in the students in all the military schools so that the students could find the rats that were found everywhere in their area. And thus the invisible rays became the cause of the Germans’ headaches. So even though the rats were not used properly, the Germans were left with a lot of pain.

V-3 cannon

Some bizarre technologies used In World War II

This cannon, made across an entire hill, was called Germany’s “Revenge Cannon.” Earlier, the V-1 was a cruise missile and the V-2 was a rocket. Also known as the ‘England Cannon’, the full name of this V-3 cannon is ‘Virgeltungsof 3 Cannon’. The powerful 130-Meter-Long cannon was fired from the French Channel directly into France from London. On May 5, tests showed that the V-3 cannon fired at about 3 miles away. After two months of re-examination, it was found he was hitting 5 miles away.

Although only two V-3 cannons were made, only one cannon was actually used in the battle, from which a total of 6 rounds were fired from January 1 to February 22. The liberation of Luxembourg was the main goal of V-3 a while back. Back. However, this big weapon could not do justice to its own name. V-1 is considered a failure in war. Because 183 rounds were fired, but the 142 round goal was reached. However, only 10 died in the 142 rounds fired. Only 35 people were injured.

Dora and Gustav Rail Cannons


The fact that the Germans were truly adept at producing large machinery, weapons and ammunition proved that their ropes and Gustav cannon. The 31.5-Inch caliber German cannon holds the top spot as the largest invention of all time.

However, due to the size, during the World War II. the two parts of the cannon were transported separately, then attached together and later mounted on a stage made at a specific location. It took about 4,000 people to complete the entire process. The German aircraft deployed an entire army to protect these two expensive equipment from the two attacks. In addition, a special army was formed so that the Allies could not forget to attack them.

However, only Gustav was used during the World War II. Gustav was shot 42 times while seizing Sebastopol in 1942. Each of its shells contained 11,000 pounds or 4,800 kg of mass, which could have destroyed the enclosure with 100 feet of stone. Although technically the cannons were considered an industry, they were, in fact, a waste of construction materials, manpower, and technical knowledge.

Ohka Kamikaze Attack Plane

Ohka Kamikaze Attack Plane

The technological advances that the Japanese have made are proof that their invented ‘Yokosuka MXY-7′ model, the Ohaka Kamikaze bomber aircraft, first appeared in September 1944. It was an airplane a rocket-bomb completely captured that. It could control a piloHowever, once the enemy realizes such an attack, the whale carrier will attack the aircraft. As a result, the Kamikaze attack did not show much success. Only the Ohaka American warship sank to say success.

  1. The Ohka carried about 2,643 pounds of torpedoes.

During the war, Ohaka was brought on another plane. Only at the close of the goal was Ohaka released. Pilots in Ohaka simply launched a rocket engine to reach the target, causing the Ohaka to hit the target at bullet speed.

Russia’s Anti-Tank Dog


The Russians were going to the Germans to defend their territory. No matter how hard they try to prevent defeat, the strategy was to apply it one by one. One of them was their famous ‘Anti-Tank Dog’ technique. Initially, these dogs were trained to replace bombs in one place. They would carry the bombs at certain places and return it to their instructor.

During the war, however, sending dogs to a tank was nearly impossible. So the Russians finally blew up the dog with a bomb.

That’s why they kept all the dogs open for a few days. Then they showed the food to the dog, putting the food under their tank. That way, they would always get used to getting food under the tank.

Ohka Kamikaze Attack Plane

This is how dogs were kept exposed during the war. Then they were bombed weighing 26 pounds. It released the dog when the enemy tank caught sight. The unlucky dog ​​rushes into the tanks in anticipation of food. Dogs detonate the bomb with the help of a bomb lever mounted just below the tank.

These suicidal dogs were so effective that the Germans started firing whenever they saw a dog. The Russians used about 40,000 dogs in various activities that destroyed about 300 German tanks.


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