Love for animal: an intensive relationship between a man and his cows

Love for animal

Love for animal

Before Slaughtering The Cow, Who Gently Fluttered The Cow, Many Well-Liked Cows ..!

There is intensive relationship between people and cows.

Animals-The Man-Animals Love For A Cow

At The End Of The Price Rise, The Owner Of The Cow Is Ratan Sahib Agreed To give The Cows For The Money.
He Is Giving The Biggest Sacrifice In The Area because he has deep affection and love for animal. Phone Home And Tell The Wife, ‘Hello? I Finished Buying The Cows. Tell Everyone, This Time The Largest Cow In The Area Is Being Sacrificed, If People Didn’t Know. But What Is The Profit! It’s Almost Night To Come Home With A Cow. As A Result, No One Came To See The Cows In The Neighborhood. All Of A Sudden, There Was A Knock At The Door. There Is A Stranger From A Rural Village. No Sweat In The Eyes, No Shoes On The Legs. The Guy Is Wiping His Eyes After A While. Guy’s Dirty Clothes, As Well As A Little Boy At The Age Of 12/12.- Who Are You?
– Sir, I Own A Cowboy In The Garage Of Afan!
– Owner Means! I Bought It Last Evening With Such A Price, And You Say, ‘Owner Of The Cow!’
– No, Sir. I Was The Owner Of The Cow, Meaning I Was Selling The Cow To Afan Last Evening.
– Well, Why Are You Coming So Late At Night? I Paid Less Money By Mistake Or Read Fake Notes?
The Villagers Are Silent. Water Is Falling From The Ground.
Ratan Sahib Was Upset And Asked,

Animals-The Man-Animals Love For A Cow

– Hey, Tell Me What Happened! Do You Need Clothes? Or Do You Want More Money?
– No, Sir, I Was Coming To See A Few In Gourutar. I Have Nothing To Eat All Right In Poland. So I Am Coming 5 Miles To This Rye. If You Don’t Mind, If You Give Me A Chance, I Would Go To Grootar A Little.
Ratan Sahib Became Silent. He Opened The Garage. The Villager Entered The House And Started To Weep As The Cow Hugged The Boy. Play! I’ll Take The Cows And Go
The Villager Is Unable To Answer His Son. Shudhu Is Crying.
– Sir, I Hurt Afan, I Don’t Mind.
– Is He Your Son?

– Yes, Sir. Police. I Gave The Gourd A Goat To Study In Eider. I Went, Sir, Bless You!
– Wait For A Little, Ratan Saheb Forced A Note From The House And Handed It To The Little Boy.
– Sir Sir, Another Word Sir.
– Yeah, Tell Me.
– Before The Slaughter, The Slaughter Gently Fluttered In The Gutter.

The Man Cried Again For So Much. After Standing For A While, Rattan Started To Walk Towards The Street Greeting Saheb Ratan Sahib. After A Long Time, He Felt The Top Waterfall Through His Eyes.
Yes, This Is The True Maya and it is real love for the cow. The cow is so cute. It is a good friend of our people because of its help in different works.

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