Donald Trump -3 Sectors Where Reaches For Success

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3 Sectors Where Donald Trump Reaches For Success

Donald John Trump is the ruling president of the United States. 73 years old man who is born to dominate the world. In his life, there were so many ups downs happen. Beginning his career as a businessman to continuing his life as a politician, it was a long journey for him. However,There was some allegation; he has been doing his best to reach for his goal. But mostly these 3 sectors he was more successful than other areas.

1. As a Businessman:

Donald Trump

As a Businessman

The first sector where he got the most succeeds of his life. In 1968, a young Donald Trump started his business journey by helping his father’s real estate development company. After 10 to 20 years he expanded his business in many sectors like Manhattan real estate, Palm Beach estate, Atlantic City casino, etc. Under these business sites, he Acquired Trump Tower, Plaza Hotel and reconstructed Gulf and Western Building to luxury residential hotel called Trump International Hotel and Tower. In 1996, he acquired seventy-one storied skyscrapers Bank of Manhattan Trust Building, after redesigning it renamed as Trump Building. In 2005, he along with other investors successfully sold out their interest for 1.8 billion dollars which were the largest real estate sale in the decades of New York City.

One of his other profitable businesses is Golf course and golf resorts which are operated by the Trump Organization. Using the name of his Brand and giving the license to other companies for a huge number of projects which generated 59 million dollars revenue per year. Reaching on high in real estate business Trump Organization expanded its ventured into another profitable site. AS a result, it got several hundred partnerships and individual company.

In 1882, he was listed as a millionaire on a Forbes list for having 200 million dollar net worth share. However, he was unlisted form the Forbes list in the middle for the financial losses in his business. In 2019 Donald Trump’s net worth 3.1 billion dollars which makes him the richest president in American history.

2. Media career:

Donald Trump

Media Career

Donald Trump showed his talents as a writer, host, producer, actor, and also as a commentator on radio and television.

The first book was written by Donald Trump named “Trump: The Art of the Deal” which was published in 1887. After the publication, this book reached for top seller list in that year. He has published a lot of books.

In his “Atlantic City Convention Hall,” he hosted Wrestle Mania season 4 and 5 in 1988 and in the following year. Consistently he hosted Monday Night Raw, Wrestle Mania 23, and Wrestle Mania 29.

He was a producer and also a host of a reality show named The Apprentice. This show made him more popular at that time. But for preparing the presidential election he could not continue this show in next season.

However, his acting career did not reach high but he has made his appearance in 12 movies and 18 TV series.” The Little Rascals” is one of them in where he acted as a father of one character. Before being the president of America, people used to hear trump’s commentary on Howard Stern Show. His popularity was going high among the audience.

3. As a Politician:

Donald Trump

As A Politician

Donald Trump a pure politician who has a successful career in politics. After entering the politics   he never looks back. He has changed his political party so many times. The Republican Party,   Reform Party, and Democratic Party among these parties he shifted so many times over the years.

In 1987, he joined the Republican Party in Manhattan. On that time Donald Trump was a most admirable   person in America. 12 years later 1999 he shifted to the Reform Party for getting the nomination   for the 2000 election. But he got only 7% support against George W. Bush and Al Gore. As a   result, he was dropped out from nomination race. After the election, he joined the Democratic   Party in 2001 and gave his support to George W. Bush for the next election.

He came back to Republican because of President John McCain in 2009. But just before the 2012 election, he refused to run that election and choose Mitt Romney for president election. From 2013 to 2015 he decided to concentrate on his political career and after being featured CPCA speaker he announced that he would be the next candidate for upcoming 2016 election.

While doing the campaign for the election, he tried to do everything from self-funding. Though he was a donor for the Democratic and the Republican Party, from 2010 he stopped the donation for Democrats and continued for Republicans. “Take America to Its Greatness Once More” was the message that he wanted to reach to the people when he was campaigning against Hillary Clinton, who was a strong candidate from Democratic Party.

There was a controversy about that election result. Hilary Clinton got the majority percent of the vote with nationwide, which comes with 2.1 % points ahead than Trump. Though it was called an upset in the history of the American election, Donald John Trump achieved his Presidential Chair for the next 4 year.

End note:

Being active on twitter, for his hilarious post on twitter he is a master class person. After joining on twitter in 2009, this man has been going for controversy. Actually, it offers some advantages for someone like him who can make his statement by doing a post on twitter rather than talking to those people directly including the public and the press.

In the beginning, he used this media for his election campaign. He used to post on these subjects like, what changes he can bring to America if they vote for him. Sometimes people use to make fun of his tweets. Donald Trump tweets have been trending on the internet. Every time people from all over the world are searching for his latest tweets and Donald trump Twitter Page. He has over 63 million followers in tweeter which ranks him in the top 15 among all of the celebrity.

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