True Love

True Love: What is love? 16 Characteristics of Real Love.

What is true love about? Everybody needs to realize what true love is, and numerous individuals figure they can feel it when it occurs, however, isn’t that right? It is safe to say that they are...

Eid Al-Adha

Eid al-Adha। Eid Of The Sacrifice Of The Poor

Eid al-Adha- eid of the sacrifice of the poor The Story I Will Present To You Today Is The Eid Of The Sacrifice Of The Poor. Every Year There Are Only Two Eid’s, One Of Them Being The Eid Of The...

Love for animal

Love for animal: an intensive relationship between a man and his cows

Love for animal Before Slaughtering The Cow, Who Gently Fluttered The Cow, Many Well-Liked Cows ..! There is intensive relationship between people and cows. At The End Of The Price Rise, The Owner Of ...