Ashab e Kahf: The sleeping story of those cavemen

Ashabul Kahf

They astonished the people of the Cave and The story of the abducted young man, a caveman and a sleeper of three centuries – Ashab E Kahf – was a very popular and miraculous event not only for Muslims but also for Christians. We will try to discuss all the stories described in the Qur’an in this article, and the Syrian mythology and the city in which it occurred.

It is necessary to say at the outset that since this incident is mentioned in the Qur’an, the faith of Muslims is sincerely involved. As many readers have complained, they will use only Islamic sources when describing and explaining the verses of the Quran, in this case, the fourteenth volume of Tafsir Ibn Qasir’s Bangabandhu. However, the events described in the Qur’an will occur several centuries before the Qur’an’s landing and will also be described, so we will use the local Syrian myth of the 5th century, as they recorded it. The difference between the stories will be obvious only then. So let’s start with the event described in the Qur’an.

Ashabe Kahf

Surah Al-Kahf, the Holy Qur’an, has been revealed in Mecca. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his followers did not go to Madinah. But the Quraish became anxious as the number of his followers in Mecca increased. As the Prophet (peace be upon him) continued to preach the religion where the prophets of the Jewish Christians met with the previous prophets, the Quraish leaders decided that they should consult the Jewish rabbis (scholars). Will do Nazar Ibn Haris and Uqbah bin Mu’at sent two men to the Jewish rabbis of Medina, saying that they would share their views about Muhammad.

When they arrived in Medina, Jewish scholars listened to them and offered away,

They ask two more questions. I do not write here the rest of the facts, but the answer to these questions is: Surah Kahf (‘Cave’).

‘Caveman of hope’ means ‘caveman’. It happened in the ancient Greek city of Anatolia or Ephesus. Nearby was the famous temple of the Greek goddess Artemis. The city is geographically located in Turkey. However, the name and address are not mentioned in the Qur’an.

Ashabul Kahf: The sleeping story of those cavemen

Let’s first hear the story in the commentary of the Qur’an.

Do you think they astonished the people of the Cave and at My signs? When the young people seek refuge in the caves of the mountains, they pray: “Our Lord, have mercy on our own behalf and do our due diligence for us.” Then I kept them in a cave for a few years. Then We revive them, to know which of the two parties can best determine their position. I’m telling you their story right.

They were just a few young men. They believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance. As they stood up, I strengthened their minds. They said: “Our Lord, Lord of the heavens and the earth, we shall not worship any god other than Him. If I do that, it will be a terrible thing. They are our own community, they have adopted many gods instead. From Him, why did they not bring them clear authority? Who is more sinful than he who tells a lie about God? “When you separate from them and worship those whom you worship instead of Allah, you seek refuge in the Cave. Your Lord will have mercy on you and He will reward you for your deeds.

And when it sits at the bottom, cut their direction to the left, while they are in the wide area Cave – this is one sign of Allah … you would think they were awake, while they were sleeping. We change them to the right and left.They stretched the front legs of their dogs out in two caves. And I had to wake them up so they could ask each other questions. One of them said: “How much do you have? For it? “, Some of them said:” I’m a day or part of a day.

Some of them said:” Your Lord knows best how many days you have the money to another city now Send Now! He will see that no food is sacred Then Then bring some food for you; He never politely goes to tell anyone your news. If they know your news, they will stone you or turn you back to their religion. Then you will never be successful,” So we have informed them they will know that there is no doubt about the promise of Allah and the Last Resurrection.

When they argued with each other about their duties, they said: “Peace be upon them.” Their Lord knows best about them. Those who were victorious in their duties said, “We must build a sanctuary in their place.” Based on assumptions about the unknown, they would now say: they were three, the fourth was their dog.

They say they are five. The sixth was their dog. And they would say they were seven people. The eighth was their dog. Say: My Lord knows best their number. Very few people know their news. You don’t argue about them without a simple discussion, don’t ask anyone about their condition … They’ve spent over three hundred years in their cave, and nine more years. Say: “God knows best how long they are staying.” His is the knowledge of the unseen in the heavens and the earth.  [Al-Qur’ an 18.9-26 Decius died in 251. I once recognized the persecuted Christians of the pagan Roman Empire as the main religion of the kingdom, but it is a story many years later. According to they destroyed a story.

The guy who opened it thought he would make it a goat, he didn’t even think about the seven young men inside. The young people woke up, thinking one day they were A Sleep. One of them was shipped to the market, carefully marketed so that nobody would recognize them. But the young man went to Malchus town and was surprised! Nearly crucified, people are publicly calling Jesus! Again, the shopkeeper is not taking his coin, or it is an old dossier coin.

 Bishop heard the incident from them. The emperor himself came and spoke to them. The emperor wanted to do much for them, but they did not go to the cave and died asleep. The Orthodox Christian Church celebrates these seven occasions seven days a year – August 4 and October 22.The scholars agree that this was the case with Ephesus in the Qur’an. However, there are some differences in the tin’s place, but most are mixed. Both events confirm that there was an oppressive ruler.

Syrian mythology has its name. It is also said that punishment was so terrible that a friend forgets a friend, a father forgets a boy and a boy forgets a father!

Syrian mythology says that outside the cave the emperor made a joke and wrote the result. Ibn Abbas (RA) supported this doctrine.However, the Qur’an states that their sleeping time is 300 years as ordinary solar. But if you have an extra 9 years as a lunar, then 309 is that the lunar calendar users of that period added up to three years in one hundred solar years. However, the timing of the Syrian story has not been confirmed.

Some say it’s 184 years, some say 200 years, some say 208 years. However, there is no disagreement about the young men they were. They thought they only slept for a day – they also describe this in the Syrian myth. The name of the young man who went to buy food was Malkus, and he carried A Silver Coin.

Ashabul Kahf: The sleeping story of those cavemen

Their names were Maximian, Malchus, Marcian, John, Dennis, Serpentine, and Constantine. Their various names and spellings are Maximilian, Gambolichus, Martin, John, Dionysius, Antonius, and Constantine.An archaeological expedition took place in 1927-1930 in a cave outside the city of Ephesus, where there were 2,000 terracotta lamps dedicated to the church. We know these as the fourth or fifth centuries in carbon dating.

That means, the local people built the church there. There were pictures of crosses on lamps in lion holes, some in ketones, from Adam-Eve to Torah masters like Abraham (A), Isaac (A) and Daniel (A). There were also social pictures, such as photos of fishermen working or everyone enjoying an event together. But beside them were Hercules and the lion, Zeus and Aphrodite, the temple painters, and the chief of the god Otis. Their creators were Neo-Christians but did not leave the original Roman culture. Analysts do not confirm this, and Rip Van Winkle has a hundred years of sleep. It is noteworthy that Ashab e Kahf was made with Iran’s popular TV series ‘The Man of Angelos’.

We can see the cave on the outskirts of Turkey. However, another place, extracted in Amman from Jordan, was claimed to be the site of the Ashab e Kahf. This place is called Al-Rakim. However, no other historical source can be found about this, other than the local description, which somehow matches the events of the Seven Sleepers (the so-called Christians). They claim it that there were seven skeletons and A Dog skeleton, along with some copper coins. However, dating I do not guarantee them time. There were four burial places in the cave which was nothing to the seven.

Besides this, they have claimed many places in Muslim countries as the place of Ashab e Kahf – eg Ammuriag haj Hamza in Turkey, Tarsus, Egypt in Cairo, even in North Africa or China! This is seen in many parts of the world, mainly because Harahamsha claims to have religious relics without knowing the back story. However, according to the Qur’an, it is known that this phenomenon was unknown to the Arabs, but it was not known to foreigners, at least in Ephesus, where it was very popular.

Ashab e Kahf………..


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